"Working with Lynette Noble provided me with new strategies for looking at both my personal and professional life, an approach that was untapped by business coaches and traditional therapists. Together we created concrete steps to take in areas that challenged me - key in forwarding my goals and improving my outlook. Lynette was able to help me identify and challenge long-held patterns and belief systems, giving me a new perspective that I'm able to carry with me and apply in any number of scenarios.”

Amy Isabella Chalker

Owner | Isabella Gourmet Foods


"I've had several assessments completed in the past, so what I found most valuable with the services offered by Lynette were the insights she helped me and my team discover.  With Lynette’s assistance, my team was able to develop a stronger relationship with one another, engage in a more open and productive dialogue, and ultimately leverage our diverse talents and skills more effectively."

​Torrence L. Hinton

Director – Operations & Maintenance | Peoples Gas and North Shore Gas

“As a CEO and owner of a small business, some the challenges you are facing may not be external, but rather internal.  It is crucial to address the internal issues for continued success.  To address my challenges I worked with Lynette.  She was instrumental in me dealing with several issues that were holding me back in my life.  Lynette allowed me work through my challenges while push me to work harder when needed.  She used tools to help me understand more about myself, my values and what makes me tick.  If it is a tailored approach you desire, working with her is an easy choice.  I am proud to recommend her and her team for your executive coaching and training needs.  

​Heather Schooler

CEO + Owner | The Money Library




“Lynette developed a leadership program for Komatsu to help build strong leaders from middle management.  She has made a significant positive impact to many of us at Komatsu and we still practice the necessary skills that we have learned during the program.”

Gregory Kocialkowski

Director | IT Enterprise Services at Komatsu America Corporation


"I’ve come to know Lynette’s passion and talent as an executive and leadership coach through my work with her as a client and consultant partner. She brings the noble heart of a leader to her work and crafts solutions that call forth the best in leaders and teams. It’s a privilege to work with her.“


Clif Cannon

Certified Executive and Leadership Coach

"It was truly a pleasure to work with Lynette. She has the unique ability to craft and articulate a bold vision that aligns with the strategic direction of the company and to then partner with key stakeholders to bring that vision to life. Her ability to combine vision, strategy and execution is extraordinary and enables her to both create strong partnerships and get results.“


Donna Richards Muriel

Founder, Executive Coach | Merge Leadership