It's Time for a Brave New

Leadership Style

Noble Leaders Achieve Far Superior Results Using a Powerful Combination of Self-Awareness, Courageous Authenticity

and Meaningful Capabilities

What We Offer

To address your organization's initiatives and the unique challenges you face to 

make a meaningful difference in your leaders and company

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Team Management

Building strong team dynamics improves the quality of relationships across teams, transforms the culture, highlighting awareness of legacy barriers and bias which impact productivity


Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

At Noble Leadership Institute we instill values of leadership aimed at advancing the workplace. Diversity, equity and inclusion remain at the core of what we view as the future of the professional world.


Leadership Development

Our programs combine a focus on individual development, collective learning and real-time business application. The result is improved individual outcomes, dramatically better relationships across the organization, transformed cultures and tangible business results


Organizational Development

Our extensive expertise in Organizational Development (OD) maximizes leadership, talent, structures, and processes to create systemic wins for both our clients and their customers

Executive Development

Executive development is designed to compel leaders to grow professionally and personally, break down barriers of comfort zones, identify limiting behaviors and develop skill to achieve growth and leadership

A New Approach



There are many paths to a leader's success – but all of them require a commitment to continued learning, experimentation and self-transformation.


Noble Leadership Institute bring new methodologies to the organizational world through coaching, consulting and workshops. 

​Our programs are designed to compel individuals to grow professionally and personally, break down barriers of comfort zones and develop skill sets which can advance organizations toward high levels of performance, fulfillment and purpose.

People are a business’ most important asset - they provide a competitive edge, create improved outcomes and create value for any company or organization.  


Today more than ever, there is more pressure on companies and teams to perform. Despite having solid strategic plans, good talent and approved budgets, companies struggle to achieve their objectives. Most business challenges are people challenges; mismanagement of this asset can negatively impact the bottom line.

Your business will benefit from better management of its human resource strategies adding value to the top and bottom line.

What You Know Matters, But Who You Are Matters More

-Brene Brown

We Work with Leaders, Teams and Organizations to Develop Personal Growth and the Meaningful Skills that Transform Cultures into Noble Enterprises.

Our program provides a platform of self-awareness identifying a leader's limiting beliefs and developing new behaviors to advance leaders and teams into resourceful, adaptive and inspiring leaders. You can't change what you don't see.


We create value by:

  • Identifying personal and organization values that motivate and drive participants as leaders

  • Gain alignment between personal vision and values and those of the organization or team

Symbolism for Leadership and Strategy
  • Define and action their leadership legacy

Inner work life matters to performance— how creatively people will think, how much commitment they will show to their work, how collegial they will be, how productive they will be.” - Harvard Business Review

Noble Leadership in Action

We Teach Leaders to Gain the Courage and Skills to Move In and Out of Diverse Relationships and Experiences and Drive Outcomes Critical to Business Success

Develop trust, creating open and honest relationships, breaking down barriers and bridging differences that allow work to get done faster and at far less expense. No more defaulting to blame and mistrust.

Challenge the status quo moving beyond compliance leading strategies on how not to get bogged down in bureaucracy and red tape.  Experience improved process and continuous improvement.

Move themselves and others out of overwhelm and into clarity and focus, when everything is urgent, and the business landscape is ever-changing. Change fear and chaos into resiliency and productive behavior.

Initiate courageous conversations talking about the most necessary and hard topics.  Learn how to end avoidance - deal with conflict and limiting actions.  Stay brave and give honest and constructive feedback.

Engage the full capacity of employees, encouraging  and igniting a desire in them to accomplish more, innovate faster and be their most valuable. Taking smart risks and the sharing of bold ideas.

More resourceful, responsive and adaptive behaviors with cross functional leaders working in harmony toward common business objectives. Learning and growing after setbacks and making true progress happen.


"I've had several assessments completed in the past, so what I found most valuable with the services offered by Lynette were the insights she helped me  and my team discover.  With Lynette’s assistance, my team was able to develop a stronger relationship with one another, engage in a more open and productive dialogue, and ultimately leverage our diverse talents and skills more effectively."

Torrence L. Hinton

Director – Operations & Maintenance | Peoples Gas and North Shore Gas


to be a Noble Leader?

The big question is whether you are going to be able to say a hearty yes to your adventure.

-Joseph Campbell